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Class Information

Location:  Ray of Hope Reflexology School

634 Main Street

                          Belgium, Wisconsin


Date:        January 22, 2017


Time:       8:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.


To register contact Ray of Hope at:  262-285-3320




    We are our only obstacle.
The only limitation we have is ourselves.
Become all you are meant to be.


           We have all heard these statements.....
but do you understand what they mean?


We are the sum total of our life and all experiences we have had.  But how have we used our life experience?  Do we embrace them as wonderful gifts that have given us much wisdom and knowledge....
or are they obstacles that shift our self-confidence,  or self- respect.

      What wisdom have we gained? 

       How do we view your healing abilities?


Important questions and also many unique and personal answers. What is important is being able to use our wisdom and experiences as tools to enhance our healing ability. We must identify our obstacles and realize how we allow them to impact us and our clients.  Above all we must become a pure healer that Spirit chooses to work through. 


 This class is designed to address common obstacles and how we can overcome them.  By doing this we allow our healing energy to flow freely.


Oils As Medicine

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