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  July 29 - 31, 2016

We will sleep beneath the moon and the stars in the ancient dwelling of  "The People"...... the tipi. 




We have walked through the time of Transformation and Transition.  We have entered the time to be creative as we take the
 "Journey Into Our Next 25 Year Cycle ".
Together we will again strengthen our connection to "Mother Earth" and create the
"Sacred Circle Of Women"


Have you ever wondered:

Why  have I  had the life experiences
I've had?


 What is my life purpose?


What can I do or change to become all I am ment to be in this lifetime.




Are you ready to create a life of 
 unconditional love and joy?

Are you ready to step forward to create
the life you choose to have?



Winter Solstice 2012 was not
the  was the
"New Beginning".

Are You Ready?


This is an inclusive retreat.

Your fee includes:


To Register Contact:
Jean Reddemann


A deposit of $250.00 is required
at the time of registration.

Registration will end on
July 1, 2016


Space is limited



deposits are not refundable
or transferable


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