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Class Information

Location:  Ray of Hope Reflexology School

634 Main Street

                       Belgium, Wisconsin


Date:    January 22, 2017


Time:        1:00 p.m - 5:00 p.m.


To register contact Ray of Hope at: 





We are all vibrational beings.

All things in creation are alive and have their own personal vibrational rate. 

Knowing this we can learn to utilize our personal vibration to assist ourselves and all creation.


This class will teach you to identify your personal vibration.

You will see how we connect with other vibrations and use those addition vibrations and energys to assist us.  Items such as plants, water, earth, minerals all have vibrations we can connect with, convert to energy and enhance our potential.


You will then learn how to use vibration in personal protection and healing. Knowing how to use this wonderful method of healing enables us to help heal all creation.  




Energy and Vibration


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